Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Excitement that is WORLD BAR

So I roped my friend VEXED CHARM into sampling the deliciousness that is WORLD BAR. And here is the proof, that on a Wednesday night, all of Sydney goes to World Bar.

Now I hate to say in my day.... But in my day, it was THE EASTERN which had people lining up.... now World Bar has really taken over. The lines were huge, but then again we only got there at 11pm. (Pre drinks quickly turned into just drinks. We tried to drink more so that our lovely photographer wouldn't take blurry pictures)

As we rolled to the gates, we were like, "Yo, we are bloggers, all right? We have a camera. It's an expensive camera, and we're not waiting in line." And they were like, "Oh of course, Sir, Madams, go right ahead".

We went in followed by hateful stares from all the ordinary people.

Hot dogs from Harry's Cafe De Wheels!!!

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