Monday, 25 November 2013

Afraid of commitment .... To the bling.

So like any normal girl my age, I am afraid of a lot of things. 
Spiders, the demons under my bed (I'm not even joking. I keep a tonne of stuff there so the demons have no space to live in) and of course, commitment. 

Now I'm not just talking about relationships, although those are terrifying too. I'm talking about things which are permanent and always in from of your eyes. I'm talking about piercings at tattoos. 

If piercings were Victorias Secret models, I'd be Leonardo DiCaprio. 
If tattoos were rehab, I'd be Lindsay Lohan.

You get then drift. I'm the biggest piercing commitaphobe since Ryan Reynolds (who the fuck divorces Scarlett Johansson? ) 

I have had my nose pierced. That lasted a week. Had to take it out, because I was in danger of blowing myself up.

I've also had my belly done. That also had to come out. My excuse was that I couldn't do yoga. 

In reality, I'm just scared of holes and scars.

So I found a solution. Since I am in love with piercings so much, I can now have them whenever I want. Scar free and painless. How you ask? With these magical child rubber rings.
Now I can be a sexy emo whenever I want to. Seriously, you too can experience the excitement. Go from this :
To this in seconds:
Wow! These sexy plastic rings I bought form Factorie for $9 really bring out my inner 16 year old girl. But with my commitment problems, they are perfect.

Also I have no make up on. Horrible yellow bathroom light does not do me any justice.

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