Monday, 18 November 2013

A letter to Imagine Dragons

My Dear Imagine Dragons,

You are a great band. I really enjoy your music and I love your sound. I actually went to your concert in Sydney in 2013. I had to fight through an army of 14 year old girls, but I made it. 

And on stage, you guys were amazing. I mean, at one point, THE ENTIRE BAND played the drums. Now, we were all very impressed by this. By hearing no other instruments. And each of you had your own drum. That was cute.

There is however one point I would like to bring up....please don't feel bad...

But. You guys are making it very difficult to fantasise about you, by being.. well... Ordinary. 

Now I'm not saying you're ugly. Just not aesthetically pleasing. You guys make it impossible to fantasise about you rescuing me from a burning building, and then somehow getting stuck on an island together, and making me your island wife.

There is nothing you can really do... But if you really want to improve, you should probably show more boob(in your case, man peck). Trust me.
Yours Sincerely,

Girl With The Demon Tail xx

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